Collaborative Automation Platform

The Skillpub is technology and collaboration tool for personal or team tasks automation and sharing automated tasks within a team or an entire organization. For Automation, there is a flexible environment with high-level programming language and Sharing is done through Chat Apps (like Slack) for humans and API's for machines.

For whom

For teams who are in charge of Servers, Applications, API's, Data Bases, Analytical reports and other information technology items

For tasks like

  • to fetch diagnostic information from multiple data sources into Chat App, gather metrics/logs and analyzing them
  • to take an action in case of incident right from Chat App, rerouting users requests, server rebooting, launching new instances and many other actions
  • to give easy access via Chat App to APIs for team members and other coleagues
  • to provide analytical reports by the request from Chat App, reports with graphs, images, tables, files, etc

These things are trivial to automate and share, you can do much more with Skillpub


The Skillpub can be used as a free self-managed software or fully managed paid service.

self-managed software
fully managed service

Collaborative Automation Platform